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Our why

Our why


To accelerate the change we want to see in the world


'Positive impact' projects or customers only


Strategy, branding, service design, UX design & design

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Michael Boschmans

Michael Boschmans

Co-founder & Strategy/Innovation Director

Michael combines the design thinking and scaling lean methodologies to co-create stronger business models, strategies, brands and services. He loves to use business as a force for good, soccer, traveling (Latin America!) and nature walks with his wonderful wife and daughter.


Kristien Van Wilderode

Art Director & UX Designer

Kristien is an Art Director, UX Designer and illustrator with a sound knowledge of front-end development. She combines her broad spectrum of creative skills to create concepts and designs that perfectly match the users’ needs and enrich their experience. In her spare time, she’s most likely to be found running, drawing, gaming, or cuddling with her pets.


Janao Denys

Product & Service Designer

As an industrial product designer and service designer, Janao wants to create products and services that bring about a positive change for the user. She loves to use human-centered design to create products and services that improve their users' experience, routine and even their lives. And she joined Quest to do just that.

Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens

Nature-Centered Designer / Biomimicry Expert

Biomimicry has allowed Daphne to see the world from another perspective: one where humans are part of nature. She applies her passion for sustainability, systems thinking and entrepreneurial skills to develop more future-proof and planet-friendly innovation strategies.

When she’s not in her head philosophizing, she likes to seek adventures in the water, on the beach or in the forest.



Great brands and organizations are driven by purpose, not just profit. They understand that business can – and should be – a force for good.

  • They put people first, always.
    They find solutions to problems,
    not problems to solutions.
  • They inspire, evoke emotions and ignite desires.
    They are authentic and transparant,
    because they can and want to,
    not because they need to.

We are 100% dedicated to creating and building the brands and organizations above. The ones that are truly meaningful to us and our planet.

  • We design human-centered solutions and experiences that maximize their impact and improve people’s lives.
  • We study their context before we make them thrive.
    Because the difference is in the details,
    and life’s too short to build something nobody wants.
  • We experiment, we iterate and we learn.
  • We challenge, we simplify and we co-create.

we are quest

Grow your ideas in our Brewery

We are on a mission to (co-)found 5 purpose-driven organizations by 2025. We have quite a few ideas of our own, but are always looking to meet entrepreneurs with a brilliant idea to change the world for the better.


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