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Welcome Daphne

Welcome Daphne

We’re excited to announce that Daphne Fecheyr-Lippens will reinforce our team. As our nature-centered designer and biomimicry expert, Daphne will help us (and you) to develop more future-proof and planet-friendly innovation strategies.

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Daphne holds a master degree in biochemistry/biotechnology and a PhD in biomimicry (University of Akron, USA). She launched her first startup, Jaswig, in 2014. After scaling up successfully, Jaswig was acquired by the American B Corp Fully in 2018.

In the last couple of years Daphne gained experience as a public speaker (@ Nexxworks), Biomimicry Strategist (@ Human Reef) and Innovation Consultant (@ Board of Innovation). She’s also the instigator of CreativeMornings Ghent and the co-founder of a healthy food startup you’ll definitely learn more about pretty soon. Yes, she’s quite the busy bee.

And we’re very happy she wants to share her passion and experience with our team and customers.


Biomimicry has allowed Daphne to see the world from another perspective: one where humans are part of nature. Daphne is a true expert when it comes to learning from and mimicking the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges. So if you have an innovation challenge and you’re looking for a nature-centric approach, just contact us.

Welcome to the team Daphne!

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