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Creating Local Heroes around the world
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Creating Local Heroes around the world


Local Heroes is a Belgian non-profit organization that empowers communities in developing countries to become self-sustainable and thrive. They focus on 3 pillars: clean water & sanitation, education, entrepreneurship.

People in developing countries need water to survive and entrepreneurship to thrive.

Martin Makyeme, Coordinator for Africa - Local Heroes

We co-created Local Heroes' brand and long-term strategy and will continue to support the organization with the implentation of that strategy in the years to come.

A branding that makes a difference

Local Heroes asked us for a logo that incorporates its 3 pillars and that's easily recognizable. We came up with a name and created a logo that perfectly meets those demands and that strengthens the local community leaders' sense of pride. After all, who doesn't want to be a hero, right?


Community development
Business as a force for good
Health & well-being
Social impact


Service Design

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LG Logos

Taking into account the regions Local Heroes is operating in - Africa & Latin America - we also made sure the logo can easily be copied by local artists or artisans, e.g. for mural paintings.


Standing meeting The Local Heroes logo, recreated by Ugandan artisans

A sustainable business model

Together with the management of Local Heroes, we devized a strategy that focuses on establishing a sustainable revenue model. While a lot of non-profits depend on gifts and subsidies to 'stay alive', we want Local Heroes to introduce a more businesslike approach to the non-profit world. Local Heroes' strategy will be rolled out in 2019.

Establishing a sustainable revenue model is clearly one of the biggest challenges for non-profit organizations. That's why creating a business mindset and culture for Local Heroes will prove vital for their success.

Michael Boschmans, Strategy & Innovation Director - Quest

Advertising image A billboard with a strong message

Working place
Working space 2

Want to learn more about Local Heroes? Visit the website we created for them:

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